Introduction to the Blog

The 21st Century Social and Cultural Renaissance

Where is it taking Us?

In many respects the world today is running on Model T social systems, as the pace of development in science, engineering, and infrastructure of all kinds is accelerating.  To many people the pace of change is frightening, while for others it is exhilarating.  Where fear prevails, so does the tendency to cling to the past, and to resist what is unfamiliar as a matter of principle.

But there is an underlying truth that we must all take notice of, the world we inhabit in space and time, with all it parts both enormous on one hand and also minuscule on the other, is constantly evolving. It’s formula for evolution is toward a kind of progressive refinement along multiple pathways.  Like physical evolution, the social evolution comes because there is a better way, or a prevailing need which is a target for evolutionary success.

This blog will address over time a number of these prime targets for evolutionary success in the social and cultural domains.  In the next post, we will display a list of those topics that interest us most at this time, and which we expect to address in coming updates.  So, if you find this interesting, stay tuned for updates.  We also welcome guest submissions which may fit our criteria and subject categories.




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