New Worlds Rising, about the 21st Century Renaissance is the social and cultural component of the blog. It seeks to grasp the significance of important trends, some of them smaller things and others that are larger scale phenomena.
Renaissance suggests a renewal of something we can recognize given a bit of new perspective, not something so dramatically different that we cannot really know what it is, yet. Some effort is required to stay abreast of such things, as social and cultural change continues to advance along a global frontier of ever widening scope.
The other component of our blog focuses on the New Worlds Rising in science and engineering which examines trends that are partly responsible for some of the flux of evolving civilization. The 21st Century Renaissance is shaping up to be a very exciting time for those who savor progress in all things, and a rather traumatic time otherwise.
The world we know and call our own is indeed a profoundly progressive place, even down to the basics of space-time itself — that manifestation of reality of which we are a part. What a ride it is. Enjoy.


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